August 14, 2018

Name: Felicia & James Shelby

City: Temecula, CA

Kids: Skylee Jade Marie, 13 & Riley Mae Pepper, 6

Dark walls, statement making artwork, and mixed metals show off this family’s style. Their bold art deco home in Temecula, CA is anything but typical, and no doubt the envy of the neighborhood! It goes to show that top tier interiors and “family friendly” pieces can go hand in hand. Felicia Shelby walks us through a few of her favorite rooms alongside her husband James and their daughters, and leaves us gawking! From the home’s undeniable character to the thoughtful way they designed it, you will be intrigued at every turn.
How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

We absolutely love design and architecture from the neoclassical era. Pulling pieces of sophistication and elegance and mixing them in with an Art Deco flare. Really making a statement. Standing out. Bold.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your home! How did you stay true to that while decorating? 

A: My husband James surprised me with the purchase of our home back in Aug 2017 of this unique 2006 home. The Harveston community, built around a Lake has a Cape Cod feel. Each home being different in architecture and exterior. When I saw the details of the exterior, the black trim and white siding, I knew immediately that I wanted to carry that “different” (to Temecula) style into the home using the same color choices.

What was most important to you when designing the space?

Details! Big or small the attention to detail added to each room was so important. Making sure it’s something unique. Wether it be the ceiling light medallions or custom designed faux fireplace, everything was designed with thought.

What are some of your favorite pieces and how did you discover them?

One of our favorite pieces in the house is an 8ft tall oil painting in my husbands gentleman’s quarters. The piece originally hung in the Santa Monica Rails station. 1 of 7, ours being the smallest. This piece was found from a local antique sellers and we just knew it was special. The history behind it and its massive beauty is a conversation starter.

Another one of our favorite pieces is the floral oil painting sitting on top of the faux fireplace in our “hers” room. I personally love it because it was purchased by my husband at a local Goodwill and was personally touched up by James. Our goal for this “his and her rooms” was to match them in style and theme without making them identical. Adding feminine touches to mine and masculine touches to his.

What was the biggest challenge or project you took on to achieve your dream home?

For the most part our home transformation was challenge free. Our biggest project we had done was smooth coating our walls. Taking away the traditional texture so that when the paint was applied it would almost give it a matte finish. The process of doing that is long and messy! Every small flaw shows, so it was a back and forth effort of smoothing and painting. The two front rooms took the longest because of all the detail put into them.

How did you stay true to your style and also make decor choices that are family friendly?

We put a lot of attention to this actually! Although our girls are a little bit older and have lived in a detailed designed home most of their lives, we love to entertain. The outer circle of the rooms, the walls, hold most of the decor while making the inner circle cozy and sturdy. Soft rugs, inviting sofas, durable coffee tables. All carefully picked. Still all maintaining our aesthetic while having space for family and friends.

Do you have a favorite room in the house and why? 

Our favorite rooms are definitely the front siting rooms. They were the first designed, working together designing the bones and then adding in each of our own pieces.

Biggest Splurge? Biggest Save?

Other than the actual labor into our home, the biggest splurge was our wood flooring and design. We wanted to make sure it fit in with the feel of the design. We chose to do the herringbone flooring in the front rooms and carry the same wood flooring throughout the downstairs. Our biggest save was on some of our furniture pieces. The genuine leather tufted couch was found from a craigslist seller and was sold to us for $300 and we then had it restored for $200. So, a total of $500 for a couch that is selling for $3000.


If You Could Live anywhere:  

Favorite Flower:  
Coffee Order:  
Skinny Vanilla Latte
Favorite activity to do with your kids:  
Photography Courtesy of the ever talented  ALEXES LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY   Original Content written by IBT GIRLS
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July 20, 2018

Minimalism is an art form that I have been fascinated by for some time and in fact actively practiced in my other life as a painter and performance artist. It’s long been my belief that the ability to boil down any creation to its bare essence and then leave it alone to live by it’s own simple merits is what distinguishes student from master.

So when I came across Erica Kopp’s Instagram profile @stay__co, I was enthralled with her mastery of clean lines, subtle transitions in color, plays on light and shadow and absolute understanding of the magic in the in-between moments – glimpses of time when a model has momentarily stopped posing and suddenly become her self, close-ups of the space between the visual stars of that still life, the golden light of fresh grapes from the garden and the interplay with the refracted light of a bottle of rose.

I was so happy to have the opportunity very early on a fall morning to join Erica in her studio and garden to build an installation of local Dahlia and grace the table with garden flowers and fresh cut grapes.

So much appreciation for Marni Wishart’s incredible photographs and this stunning cake by Callie Crofts.

Original content and images courtesy of Beehive Floral. Find their gorgeous and inspiring website here.
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July 19, 2018

FLORALS WITH SALTED BLOOMS & CULTURAL EXCHANGE – Much more than flowers. The ladies behind Salted Blooms, a Los Angeles-based floral design company, shared inspiring advice for creatives, their story, and, maybe most importantly, floral arrangement tricks. Read their interview for encouragement from female entrepreneurs and some flower accounts you’ll want to follow.

Can you share the story behind Salted Blooms Florals? 

It all started with a mama teaching her daughter how to play with flowers. The girls here at Salted Blooms share a love for design and florals, more importantly we’re part of a design community powered by women. Aiming to keep our lives simple, we decided to forge ahead with a group of like creatives and do what we love for those we care about the most, you. We are always inspired by the salty sea and a bohemian jet-set spirit. Apart from your average floral lovers, we strive to always push the boundaries of traditional floral design and create innovative and rad displays.

Salted Blooms specializes in custom floral designs and styling for all your special occasions and brands. This local business of ours is so much more than florals. Yes, florals is where it all began, but with a background in interior design, styling is our passion. Designing tablescapes, editorials, or rad storefront displays makes us feel all warm inside. We take into consideration each of our clients’ venues and personal aesthetic. We are big on details and thinking outside-of-the-box while striving to keep our pieces cohesive with the environment surrounding them.

What advice can you give to women wanting to start their own business? Any tips for aspiring florists?

The most significant piece of advice to anyone trying to ‘make it’ in the creative world would be to simply, not. Stop trying to ‘make it’ in this world full of crazy talented people who can easily cause you to doubt yourself. The sooner you learn to embrace others; creativity instead of compare it with your own, the happier your life will be. Fear is something that resonates with all of us, women especially have been given every right to be fearful in this man-dominated society. Despite social norms, we can’t let our fear paralyze us from creating. Create. Anything and everything!

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and do things outside of the box, because let me tell you, once you let yourself create with no limits, that is when the magic happens.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, life is too short for your entire world to be consumed with your work and stressing about how society views your brand. Be true to yourself, create things you love, work hard, and be nice to people.

Salted Blooms x The Little Market

What tips or tricks can you give for the amateur arranging flowers at home?

Don’t underestimate the power of greenery! Whether it’s foraged from your neighborhood, or picked up on the side of the road, experiment with greenery as the body of any design. Not only is it cost effective, but it gives any design a lush – natural look that won’t break the bank!

My favorite thing right now is foraging seasonal fruit branches and adding them to arrangements — kumquats, persimmons, artichokes, oh my!

What are your favorite flowers to pair and style for spring and summer?

I don’t have a favorite flower, but rather I prefer to design seasonally. Similar to a chef cooking farm-to-table, I design field-to-table. For spring and summer, I love incorporating seasonal fruits and vines paired with branches and blossoms. Summertime always screams tropical, and I can never resist those baby pineapples. I think my biggest advice in designing seasonally is to use what you have, get creative, and don’t be afraid to go outside of the box in using ingredients you wouldn’t typically use. That’s how the best dishes are made, right?

Salted Blooms x The Little Market

Where do you keep baskets of flowers in your home, and what are your favorite unique ways to place and style them?

Baskets – Oh baskets. My love for baskets is undeniable. Not only can you use woven baskets for just about anything, but they also happen to complete just about any space. Fill your baskets with old books, cozy blankets, or in this case, fresh florals! Layering is key is making your design look effortless. Whether it be in your home, on a shoot, or even at a wedding, use baskets to help bring a cozy,natural atmosphere to any medium.

We’re dying to know your secret! How do you keep your bouquets fresh for as long as possible?

There’s nothing secretive to keeping florals alive, the answer is simple — water. The longer you keep your florals out of water, the shorter their life becomes. Anywhere you go, take water! Even if you’re making a bouquet for your best friend to hold as she walks down the aisle, keep those babies in a small vase of water up to the very last minute, it will keep them looking fresh and perky, I promise!

Basket Collection - The Little Market

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have any favorite floral-inspiration accounts we need to follow on Instagram asap?

I get my inspiration from anything and everything. My passion has always been in interior styling/design, so I find that a lot of the time, my inspiration for floral design comes out depending on the environment I’m in. Something as simple as a tile floor can spark my imagination to create a certain display. Being active in nature, hiking in the mountains, or catching a long wave can inspire me to jump out of tradition and create something that makes people feel good. Different mediums and textures excite me, creating designs and displays that leave people wondering how we did it.

My favorite creative accounts to follow are @theshiftcreative, @shoppigment, and @sirenfloralco!

We had so much fun getting to know the Salted Blooms team and loved how they made our new iringa basketsblossom! If you’re feeling as inspired as we are, share your floral photos with us on Instagram!

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July 2, 2018

Honestly, it’s no secret that I am an ANTHROPOLOGIE groupie. I love everything about the retail conglomerate, from the cozy, indie feeling that I get when I walk into one of their stores to the pretty product images that they share on their website and social media networks.

Sure, Anthropologie can be slightly expensive, but you can also find some real gems mixed in with the big dollar items. One of my favorite categories is the Wellness Category, because who couldn’t use a bit of self love, right? I thought that since I have such a love affair with a few of these items, I would share them with you and hope that they bring you a bit of happiness as well.

My Top 5 Favorite Anthropolgie Wellness Products:


If you love candles, Wicks and Stones Infinity Candles are right up your alley. These pretty and incredibly gorgeous smelling candles will not only brighten the mood in your personal space, but they also carry aromatherapy properties that will lift your mood and set you on a great mental path. Find it here.


Inner Beauty is always a top priority, and I am sure you have an abundance of it already living inside of you, but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a boost here and there. These tasty, power packing dietary supplements will help you excel, whether that means it helps you sleep a bit better or glow more from the inside out. Get Glow here and Sleep here!

I don’t ever feel like I get enough water, and have found that having a pretty bottle that allows me to visually see my intake helps greatly. This gorgeousness from Longevity does just that. And if you believe in the power of crystals on your personal energy you can’t go wrong. Find the Turquoise Crystal Bottle here and the Pink Here. 

I adore a great yoga session, but I also love the idea of looking at a pretty motif while I am in the middle of a sweat sesh. This Paisley Yoga Mat does just that and has an excellent non-slip texture that makes me feel safe to push my practice to the next level. Get this Paisley beauty here. 

LUK, an Australian beauty company that combines lovely colors with whole foods and ingredients is all the rage in the natural beauty market. This Beautifood Lip Nourish delivers an incredible amount of moisture and ranges in from sheer to solid colors depending on your mood. Check out this life changing product here. 


* All images courtesy or Anthropologie