July 2, 2018

Honestly, it’s no secret that I am an ANTHROPOLOGIE groupie. I love everything about the retail conglomerate, from the cozy, indie feeling that I get when I walk into one of their stores to the pretty product images that they share on their website and social media networks.

Sure, Anthropologie can be slightly expensive, but you can also find some real gems mixed in with the big dollar items. One of my favorite categories is the Wellness Category, because who couldn’t use a bit of self love, right? I thought that since I have such a love affair with a few of these items, I would share them with you and hope that they bring you a bit of happiness as well.

My Top 5 Favorite Anthropolgie Wellness Products:


If you love candles, Wicks and Stones Infinity Candles are right up your alley. These pretty and incredibly gorgeous smelling candles will not only brighten the mood in your personal space, but they also carry aromatherapy properties that will lift your mood and set you on a great mental path. Find it here.


Inner Beauty is always a top priority, and I am sure you have an abundance of it already living inside of you, but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a boost here and there. These tasty, power packing dietary supplements will help you excel, whether that means it helps you sleep a bit better or glow more from the inside out. Get Glow here and Sleep here!

I don’t ever feel like I get enough water, and have found that having a pretty bottle that allows me to visually see my intake helps greatly. This gorgeousness from Longevity does just that. And if you believe in the power of crystals on your personal energy you can’t go wrong. Find the Turquoise Crystal Bottle here and the Pink Here. 

I adore a great yoga session, but I also love the idea of looking at a pretty motif while I am in the middle of a sweat sesh. This Paisley Yoga Mat does just that and has an excellent non-slip texture that makes me feel safe to push my practice to the next level. Get this Paisley beauty here. 

LUK, an Australian beauty company that combines lovely colors with whole foods and ingredients is all the rage in the natural beauty market. This Beautifood Lip Nourish delivers an incredible amount of moisture and ranges in from sheer to solid colors depending on your mood. Check out this life changing product here. 


* All images courtesy or Anthropologie


April 27, 2018

Get ready to swoon over the super talented Dani Barbe. Who doesn’t love a delicate pair of raw stone earrings or a gorgeous set of stacking rings made from opal, aquamarine and diamond? These beauties by Dani Barbe are just that and so much more.

Two or three years ago I placed my first order with Dani Barbe after an exhaustive search for a “raw” stone ring with a tiny, feminine gem and a modern, handcrafted look. Soon after my ring arrived, I noticed that almost every person that caught a glimpse of my hand commented, whether on the Subway, the grocery store, or out with friends. It was a hit. Even more so than my engagement ring (don’t tell my husband!), which immediately set me on a Dani Barbe buying spree!

One of the most wonderful things about this super cool shop is that they use 100% real, raw stones and an extremely thick, high quality gold plating over .925 silver, making the items durable and inexpensive. At these prices you can start a collection. Check out a few of our faves from the shop!

Our Dani Barbe Faves

Gorgeous Opal & Diamond Stacking Rings. See them here!

Raw Emerald Hoop Earrings. See them here!

Raw Crystal Stud Earrings. Seem them here!

Amazonite + Crystal Statement Ring. See it here!

Saphire Cuff Bracelet. See it here!

These are just a few of my current faves, but there are over 280 gorgeous, beautifully priced items in the shop! We suggest that you explore to your hearts content here!

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All Images and Product provided by the incredibly wonderful Dani Barbe Jewelry




April 16, 2018

Artist, designer and shop owner at NYC staple A Détacher, Mona Kowalska has us incredibly inspired this week as we take a peek into her workspace, which also doubles as the Clinton Hill, Brooklyn home that she shares with daughter, Claire. Brooklyn is never boring, and this gorgeous townhome does not disappoint.

Upon entering Kowalska’s space, you are entirely taken with the opulent (those moldings, those moldings!) minimalism, both elegant and pristine as well as humble and creative. Filled with light and accented in soft, warm colors, this is the kind of environment where you could spend hours working, only to look at the clock and realize you’ve lost 5 hours of your life. Chances are, you don’t even care.

If I am being honest, those are exactly the kind of work areas/studios that creatives need. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable enough to get completely lost in your work. It makes my heart sing each and every time that it happens. So, are you ready for a bit of inspo for your own space? Take a tour with us of Mona’s brilliant apartment and studio and imagine what you could do with that crown molding. Gah.


Inspiration Defined. In love.

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*All Photos courtesy of the always mesmerizing  Matthew Williams Check out his Lifestyle Photography for more home and office inspiration, as well as Fashion and Press Photos from around the world!|| Home Images of Mona Kowalska, her daughter claire, and their home in Brooklyn New York.


April 12, 2018

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes Happen. At one time or another, each and every one of us has made a mistake, yet in the business world, it sometimes feels that we are expected to do well and excel in every task or project without fail.

The truth is, nobody is perfect, and even though we are being paid to work with a client on their project, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be bumps in the road and potential for an “oops”. Maybe you totally screwed up a big pitch that would have gained you an influential and eye-catching client, or maybe you made a poor decision that is coming back to haunt you months after a job is complete. Maybe you decided to cut corners on a few designs in order to boost your productivity time, but in the end the clients were unhappy and you can now count on losing their referrals and word of mouth. These are mistakes we have all made; mistakes I have made, and as long as you keep moving and running your business, they won’t be the last.

So, what should you do in those stressful situations where an error or a bad decision have been made and you need to take back control? These are my tips for tripping up gracefully….

  • Recognize the Mistake – If you made the error, it’s yours to admit. Trying to force your client (or yourself) to believe that it wasn’t your fault or making a million excuses as to why it happened isn’t going to help the situation. Be honest and upfront. Remember, you are human and no matter what it is that has been done, you now have the opportunity to learn from it and grow as a person.
  • Accept that the Mistake was Made – This is an interesting concept because even though you have admitted to it, you may be trying to make yourself feel better about the issue by pushing down your feelings of embarrassment or frustration, which is actually contradictory to the entire process. Again, you are going to make errors, and this doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a human. Accept it, let yourself feel the feelings instead of pushing them away and then start working the solution and the lesson.
  • Apologize & Move On – Look, most of the time if you admit to the “opps” and ask how you can fix the issue, your client will understand and will work with you to insure happiness on both sides. You apologized, but they aren’t having it? Honestly, it may be time to conclude that this isn’t the right client for you. The worst experiences I have ever had in both business and life have been times when I refused to quit on a client or person that was upset about a mistake or error that I admittedly made, but refused to let it go and move past it. Holding a grudge is never healthy, for you or for them, and if you are on the receiving end, it can be debilitating to continue to create for that person. Sometimes, the shoe just doesn’t fit, and that’s ok. Decide what is best for you and put that plan in action.
  •  Learn Something – This is perhaps the most important part of this article. Mistakes are not failures as long as you take something away from the experience. Have a positive attitude, discover the lesson, and apply it to your life or business in the future.

Above all else, remember this if you remember nothing else: You are a strong, smart individual who started a business! That is a super scary thing and you did it anyway. You are not alone and you are brave! Wouldn’t you rather an “opps” than a what if?

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