July 29, 2018

Are you a wedding vendor? Do you operate a venue for marriages? If you so, you want to make sure you’re getting the attention of all potential clients. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your business or exposure simply you can visit here and you can learn all the great benefits of growing a business.

Here are a few of the ways you’ll be able to drive sales with SEO:


Your site probably isn’t getting the kind of search traffic that you want it to. Why? When you meet with an SEO company, an in-depth audit will be one of the first things that they do. Once they’ve found the source — or sources — of your SEO woes, they’ll work to correct the problem. They’ll know what your problems are, and will then work to come up with solutions to all of those problems. When you collaborate with an SEO expert, it’ll be easy for you to correct and improve your site so that it gets the kind of traffic you’re looking for.

You’ll Be Able To Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are an essential component of SEO. If you invest in SEO, you’ll be able to work with an agency that has access to the best keyword tools. The SEO team will find out the terms that wedding planners in your area are searching for. From there, they will make sure that those keywords appear in the right places on your site. If you’re able to improve your keyword usage, you are going to see a big surge in traffic.

Optimized Images

If you’re like most wedding vendors, you probably have a lot of images on your website. However, those images may not be optimized for search engines. The right SEO company will be able to help you to capitalize on every image you have on your site? The quality of the pictures on a site is hugely important to potential customers. If potential customers aren’t able to see images of your venue or services, they may wind up working with someone else. Beyond that, it’s important to make sure that search engines can see and recognize your images. You can get a lot of search traffic from properly optimized images.

You’ll Be Able To Beat Your Competitors

You probably have some competition from other vendors in your area. If you opt to work with seo agency, you’ll have the edge over any business that is competing with you. If your competitor’s websites are appearing above yours in search engine rankings, the SEO agency that you work with will try to find out why. From there, they’ll work to improve your site’s rankings so that potential customers will be able to see your site first.

They’ll Improve Your Site

If your site loads in slowly, you should know that that’s probably impacting your search rankings. A slow site is also frustrating to customers. SEO agencies will make sure that your site loads in quickly and is easy to navigate. They will also ensure that your site works on mobile devices. A lot of people browse the web through their phones and tablets, and you need to ensure that your website will display correctly on all of these devices. It’ll boost your search rankings, but it will also please your clients. It’s a win-win scenario!

Quality Link Building

Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy. However, these links need to come from high-quality, authority sites. The top SEO firms have plenty of connections, and they’ll be able to make sure you get links from the appropriate sites. Don’t waste your money on link packages; this can harm your site. Instead, invest in an SEO package. You’ll be able to build links and reap the other benefits of working with a professional SEO service.

So Much More

Yes, there so much more than we could have mentioned but this article could have crossed over 2,000 words, so if you did like us to write more about this feel free to contact us and let us know about this topic.

If you want to drive more wedding sales, you need to put money in SEO. If you pay for SEO services, you’ll certainly wind up seeing a return on your initial investment. In the world of business, SEO services are always going to be something that is worth paying for.

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July 29, 2018

Building routines and habits can be difficult. Just when we think we’re settled on a routine, life throws unexpected challenges; it’s not easy to always maintain a regular schedule. For me, I always begin thinking about how I spend my time in spans of years and quarters, and then work my way down to the daily routines. By doing so, I align my schedule to my priorities at that particular moment.

My current top priority is my daughters. I’m now at a stage where the goal is to work as efficiently as possible, and spend as much time as I can with my children. In the hopes of helping people who are trying to set up a routine that sparks joy, below I share five key elements that keep me productive while balancing personal life and work, and of course, spark joy.

Morning Routine

I usually wake up around 6 a.m. with my daughters. When I get up, I open all the windows to let fresh air in, then burn incense to cleanse the air. I strive to keep my home comfortable and filled with clear energy throughout the day, so starting off the day this way sets me on track. Next, I give a little prayer to thank my family and team members’ health, and renew my resolve to do as much as I can that day.

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Routines Before Work – Getting Dressed and Writing To-do Lists

Before I begin my work day, I get dressed, even if I am working from home that day. Getting into work clothes sets me up to be productive. As for picking out what to wear, I usually rely on my instincts. I am a tidying consultant with an organized closet, but not a professional when it comes to fashion coordination. I sometimes take quite a while picking out an outfit, before settling on one!

Once at my desk, I make it a rule to write out my tasks for the day. I put down everything on this list, from folding the laundry to answering emails. When I’m done with a task, I put a checkmark beside it. Seeing the checkmarks at the end of the day creates a sense of accomplishment.


Coordinating with My Husband

Sharing and discussing our to-do lists with my husband have been vital to being effective and productive as a couple. Here is a tip you can try today, especially if you have a partner at home: when we got married, my husband and I wrote out every household chore and put it in a shared spreadsheet. When one of us finished a task, we would put a “◎” next to it, and when the other person noticed it, we would send a simple “thank you” message. This process helped us realize the number of tasks necessary to live comfortably together, and what kinds of tasks are better suited for which one of us. My husband loves to cook, and I like to clean and tidy. Other things fell into place naturally. It was so helpful that we had finished this process before having children. We don’t share a spreadsheet for household chores anymore now that we have established a rhythm, but we do share our work schedules.

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Clearing My Mind

When I need to sort out my thoughts, I write out everything on my mind on a blank sheet of paper. I try to figure out any tangled feelings or reasons for worry or anxiety, think of a solution, then write down an action plan on my calendar. I make sure to clarify what issues I can and cannot control. For example, I used to get slightly upset when my children woke up during work hours, but now I understand this is out of my hands. Just clarifying what is out of my control helps me calm down. Otherwise, when I am burnt out and need to rewind, I forget everything and wipe the floor. Keeping my hands busy helps my mind calm down.


Nighttime Routines

My nighttime routines are built around the priority of spending quality time with my children. After wrapping up my work around 6 p.m., I eat dinner at home with my family, or sometimes invite friends over. Before putting my kids to bed, I make it a daily routine to read aloud picture books to them. Once they are asleep, I change the water in the flower vases and put things in the house back in its place. This process is very smooth as every item already has a home, so I can usually do this within 10 minutes. As I put my things back in their place, I thank them for their hard work for the day. Before going to bed, I spray natural aroma oils – my favorites are lavender or Japanese wood – in my bedroom.


In Conclusion

Beneath the various routines I have shared above is the simple key of prioritizing what sparks joy. Having this philosophy at the center of everything I do helps me focus on what I value. If you are struggling to figure out what sparks joy for you, my first advice is to tidy your home! Once you are done thoroughly tidying up, you will find it easy to keep your office, home, and your mental space, clear and focused. By being surrounded only by the things that spark joy, your life naturally begins to regain its clarity.

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July 28, 2018

Hey there friends!

Today I’m excited to talk a little bit about something that’s quickly becoming a favorite topic of mine – diversifying your income!

After building a successful six figure wedding photography business, I began to realize that as much as I love wedding photography and the opportunity to provide such an important, emotional service to couples I adore, I love the challenge of building a business just as much! Between the curiosity about other kinds of businesses and wanting to save a few more weekends per year for time spent with my friends and family, I began to think about diversifying our income.

Since then, I’ve begun building out a new branch of my business focusing on educating my fellow photographers, and my husband and I bought a little chalet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, just outside of North Conway, to renovate, redecorate, and Airbnb out!

Both have been SO much fun, so fulfilling, and the extra income they bring in has been awesome – in the month of July alone, our Airbnb brought in enough revenue to cover its own mortgage for SIX months! Since both are relatively passive, it’s also given me some time to discover and explore new passions, and who knows… maybe down the road those will lead to even more ways to diversify my income!

At this point, diversifying my income has become my #1 priority. Let’s chat about why you should be thinking about doing it too, and how to set yourself up to diversify intelligently!


First, let’s dive into the why.

Diversifying your income is awesome for SO MANY REASONS, my friends! If you lose your job or your business starts losing steam or your family dynamics change or your health changes, having a few different income streams will make it much easier to weather. The good old “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” cliche is on point here.

It makes you a better business person. As you learn new skills, dive into new interests, and add in new income streams, you’ll inevitably begin thinking outside the box for your main career. Adding these new areas to my business has made me look at my wedding photography business in a completely different light. Try adapting techniques that are commonplace for the new income streams to your main career/business, and see where that takes you!

Career Flexibility. These days, it’s not unusual for people to have several different careers. Diversifying your income makes it much easier to transition career-wise or try new things out without as much risk. It’s much easier to replace 40% of your income than it is to replace 100%!

It keeps you from getting bored and stale. This one sounds kind of silly, but it’s actually a super important one for me personally. I’ve noticed that when I’m into something, I do it super well and with lots of passion. When I’m feeling burnt out, bored, or disinterested, it takes a LOT more energy to deliver the level of service I expect of myself! Keeping things varied and fresh (and taking the pressure off of any ONE thing to be the ONLY thing you focus on/make money from) really helps me stay motivated and passionate about everything I’m doing.

It allows you explore new passions. I honestly think the spice of freaking LIFE is just trying out and learning new things! When you’re always looking to diversify your income, it becomes extra fun to try new things, because you never know if it’ll lead to yet another income stream! Even $100/month extra in income from a new source can make a huge difference in your life!

It expands your network. The people you’ll meet or cross paths with thanks to your new income streams may end up being customers of your main business, may offer you your next job, may introduce you to your next big client… you never know!


Now, onto the how!

One of the main things I’ve learned while diversifying my own income is that, if you’re able to, structure your CURRENT business or job in a way that allows you to have a few extra hours per week to play with.

It can be tough to really get into trying new business ideas or learning new things when you’re feeling stretched thin. This isn’t necessary for diversifying, but if you can do it, I can’t recommend it enough. It’ll put you in a position that makes diversifying feel easy, fun, and exciting rather than draining.

When deciding to diversify, start with what you’re already doing. Can you find a way to serve a DIFFERENT set of people with the skills/products you have now? Or can you find a way to serve your current customers in a way that’s adding something new?

Or, do you already have a skill or passion that you’re curious about monetizing? Try it out! It’s great to be in a position and mindset of just experimenting since your main job/business is covering your regular bills. And don’t forget that reduction of bills by sharing something you already have (like carpooling!) counts as diversifying your income, too!

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July 23, 2018

There isn’t a question I dread more from a taxi driver/fellow wedding guest/general stranger, than ‘So what do you do?’ Now of course I understand that this query comes from a good place of general interest and isn’t designed to catch me out, but despite what my job these days actually is, I’m not someone who likes to talk about myself that much. I know, I have no idea how I ended up here either. Given the nature of an internet job, I completely understand the interrogation-like questioning that usually follows my answer, but on the way to the airport this week a kind driver simply replied with ‘Good for you!’, when he asked and I answered with how long I’ve done this for. I’ve blogged and made YouTube videos as my full-time job for six years now and his sweet reply made me realise that that’s a darn long time, especially in an industry that’s still so new and fledging.

I love what I do and constantly count my lucky stars that I get to call this my job. One thing I have learnt from it though, is that even if it all went down the pan tomorrow I’d still like to work for myself if possible. The ‘being your boss’ thing is completely my crack and is something that over the years I’ve become more and more comfortable with as I’ve found my feet. Now it’s something I’m not sure I’d ever want to give up. So today I’m rounding up my top tips that I’ve learnt through this whole experience for the self-employed contingent, or just a peep through the keyhole for you nosey lot…

The Boring Stuff. It’s dry, often confusing and pretty expensive, but getting professional advice on how to set-up your business, is the best thing you can do when working for yourself. I’ll never forget my Dad traipsing me down to my Accountant’s when I got my first cheque from YouTube (It was £66 and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to cash in a cheque! I did in my lunch-break at work and I won’t ever forget that moment), and the whole set-up cost more money than I’d ever made through blogging and YouTube at the time. LOLZ – thanks Dad! But it was 100% the right thing to do and these days it’s a service that I’m always more than happy to pay the invoice for, because having the financial side of the business taken care of by people who know what they’re doing, takes such a large workload off my plate. If numbers really aren’t your style, a bookkeeper can be a great investment too; as they bridge the gap between you and your accountant – keeping a closer eye on invoices and expenses and leaving even less for you to do with the financials, freeing up more time for you to focus on the ‘getting shit done’ side of your business.

Establish a Routine. This idea won’t work for everyone, as there may be some businesses and some people who like to keep things more free and easy with their timings and workload, but personally I love a bit of routine in my day. It helps me to feel organised in what I do, which in turn helps to keep me relaxed and stress-free. At the very least I’d suggest setting your alarm for the same time every morning and aiming to close up your laptop at the same time every evening and leaving the house once a day (more on that below). I’m spinning the plates of a fair amount of projects these days, so it’s not always possible, but where it is I like the idea of doing certain tasks on certain days. For example, I quite like to get any scheduling, errands and big emails done on a Monday. I usually find myself filming videos on a Friday afternoon as that keeps me busy during my biggest procrastination peak of the week. Then if I have any high priority tasks I like to get them done in the mornings as that’s when I’m at my most efficient. It’s not rigid and it has to have a certain degree of flexibility worked into it, but setting up working hour parameters at the least, helps you to find harmony between your work and your home.

Your Energy Reserves. This is a good idea to think about whether you work for yourself, or someone else; but it’s working out how and where you get your energy from. Do you feel like it gets recharged when you’re in full-on relaxation mode, or do you feel it creeping up when you socialise with friends. I’m someone who loves to be social – a right chatterbox me – however I gain my energy in introverted ways whenever I’m on my own. So when I look at my schedule I know that I need to find both time with others, and time on my own to regain my energy in equal measures. Working for yourself means that there’s always a bit of pressure on your to be in tip-top condition when it comes to motivation, so spend some time picking apart this idea of where it is that you gain your energy for work from, and add it into your routine as much as possible.

LEAVE. THE. HOUSE. Ever since we moved back to Brighton three years ago now, I make sure that I leave the house every single day. When we lived in London I was TERRIBLE at this and often went stretches of three days just within the same open-plan one bed flat and it sent me a little round the bend. Back then I thought that adding any break time into my day meant that I was wasting time, but actually all I was doing was wasting time epically every afternoon when I’d procrastinate for two hours. The act of psychically leaving the house gives you a slap in the face of fresh air which instantly revives you and gives you a chance to focus on something else – whether it be for 10 minutes, or an hour. I either go to a Pilates class, or leave to do errands every single day and I’m a better, more productive person because of it.

Enjoy the Benefits. I can hand on my heart say that over the past six years I have taken way less than my 28 days holiday that I’d have in your average job. Partly because I love what I do so my work trickles pretty much into every day of the week; whether I’m at my desk or away, and partly because I’m a one-girl-band, so if I’m not getting a task done – no one else is. In the early years this hustle is completely understandable and taking time completely off may not be financially feasible. But when you think that it’s possible to take a week away and leave your laptop at home – DO IT. It’s only in the past two years that I’ve felt comfortable to do this and it’s made all the difference in how I approach my work and the balance between it and my life outside of what I do. Heck, I took almost a month off for my honeymoon over December and it was GLORIOUS. The break made me excited for my return and I was able to pick things up from where I left off, just with added spring in my step. Now taking a whole month off in one go every year isn’t on the cards for me, but I am trying to factor more ‘proper time-off’ holidays into my calendar these days and I’m trying to be a bit more flexible with my working hours. It might not always be this way, so I’m making the most of it and trying to lean into reaping the rewards of my current role. Have the morning coffee with your mate! Clock off early for drinks and just start earlier tomorrow! It’s your honeymoon? Take off as long as you can! We could always be doing more, but we’ll do it even better if we’re happy, relaxed and well-rested.

Photos by Emma Croman

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