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Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project
Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project


let's get real about your business and set you on the path to growth.

Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project
Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project

Every coaching session or course that we offer at The Art Of starts with a solid foundation that you can build on. Using fun, easy to follow activities and sessions, we will explore how to make the qualities you already have work for you from day one.

Once we have a solid foundation, we will begin to explore your personal and creative growth opportunities, and to set forth a plan that will allow you to create and maintain a successful and sustainable business that converts sales and makes money!

Think of The Art Of as your partner in business. Using guided workbooks and accountability activities, we will help you to better prioritize your time and efforts and market your company in an authentic and stylish manner.

We grow with you as long as you need us. Whether you are working your way through our comprehensive courses or indulging in a little bit of one on one coaching and training, you will be able to start thinking on your feet, knowing exactly what to do to create the business & creative lifestyle of your dreams. 

classes & education for creatives


Let's make 2019 your year!  Our high quality and expertly written Brand Mastery courses are created with you in mind. 

Whether you are a designer who wants to learn more about running a super successful Design Business, complete with happy clients and a beautiful portfolio, or a creative entrepreneur or Wedding Vendor who knows they need a more elevated brand vibe, our online courses will give you the tools you need all on your own timeframe. 

We know, running a business is time consuming, let us help you on your schedule. 

Ok, friend, let's do this! You deserve to live the life and own the business you want. Take a look at our services to see if we can help you!

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We give you a solid skillset that will allow you to feel confident and grow your business in strides

Learn to create a Brand that converts using authenticity, a time proven productivity strategy, and a can't fail social media campaign.

Discover how your natural talents and creativity can be used to create a business most only dream about.




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